Coors Light

Coors Light Experience 1Coors Light experience:

Believe Media Hollywood

Director Paul Street

DP Stephan Langensteiner

Designer Marcus Lutyens

Art Director Mick Coote

The theme of this set of 3×30 second commercials was to create icy cool fantasy worlds each time a Coors beer drinker touched or tasted a beer. Some of the following shots are the in camera parts of the tvc’s that we created on a stage in Auckland, New Zealand. Coors Light Experience 2

The ice bar was a creation realised out of clear vinyl sheet which had been vacuum formed over patterns of blocks of ice. The patterns were made from 30 mm laminated custom wood to an economical size for the sheet material to be drawn down on. Coors Light Experience 3Then the 5-sided blocks were assembled in the studio by riveting and clear silicon sealant. The effect was enhanced by back spraying with a green blue printers dye, which lent the blocks that icy cool water look. The interior furniture was a mixture of real ice and vacuum formed blocks.

The real ice that the bar was carved from was kept in a refrigerated container close to where the set was being built and fork lifted onto the set when it was finally finished, it weighed about a ton and a half.

The jetty was about 10 meters long and 2.5 meters wide and was built in parts in the workshop and then assembled on location at the Black lake at Bethels Beach in West Auckland. It was towed out to the required spot and anchored with ice flow that had been made in the workshop. All the surfaces had been treated with hot wax and magnesium sulphate to give them the icy, shiny, whiteness that we needed for that frozen look in front of the camera.

The ice queen composite.
Coors Light Experience 4
This was a two part affair. We made various sizes of snowflakes in a variety of ways. The starting point was an selection of electron microscope pictures of snowflakes. Coors Light Experience 5