Vodafone Bed Bug

Vodafone one day and Vodafone product. 1×60 sec and 1×30 sec tvc.

The Making of the bed bug.

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Vodafone Bed Bug - 1A project VW pipe car that was ready to move on to a new owner. We found it in the South Island and with only four days before the shoot managed to get it to Auckland and start the transformation.

Vodafone Bed Bug - 2It had the top foil and roll cage cut off, bed head sourced and fitted. The foot of the bed manufactured to match the bed head. At the same time the engine was dropped out and serviced the clutch rebuilt and brakes overhauled.

Vodafone Bed Bug - 3All the controls were shifted, the brief was the student character was to be slumped in bed whilst driving thru the middle of Auckland traffic. No mean feat when you consider road and traffic regulations, council and roading restrictions and police and health and safety all in the mix.

Vodafone Bed Bug - 4Six stunt drivers were positioned around the bed in normal vehicles to form a rolling block and keep any public away from the bedbug. Traffic plans and control put in place and the bed was driven around downtown Auckland at 45 k for shooting it’s scenes.